Terel Lynn

(Performed in the key of Freddie Mercury) In the northern part of Indiana, not born but raised….in ft wayne is where he spent most of his days….chillin out maxed and relaxing till noon playing RPG video games upstairs in his room….when in came these dudes and they were up to no good (Seriously….Barry is ridiculous and still owes me a liver. Never party with Barry. Rant over) ….they wanted to bring rock back into the neighborhood….I sang one freaking note and the world got scared..it wondered if the vocal King’s return was here….we whistled for a cab but none came near so we hiked back to Marion with nothing to fear….if anything I can say that this band is rare but wait..no..forget it….We now need a keyboard player!!!! (So then we called David, and Dave answered….Dave and Barry together is not good) We pulled up to the garage about 4 or later (but closer to 4 because Claire had a bedtime and we want to keep her happy) we were about to go in, but Anthony said “wait here” (garage door opens) he said look at my kingdom….and by golly I was finally there….to sit on that vocal King throne….oh yes….It feels good to be here….the end