Reflecting on the Recording of “For the Price of One”

The diversity of The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. The energy of The Who, Queen, and Van Halen. The heaviness of Metallica, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. The complexity of Yes, Genesis, Rush, and Dream Theater. The weirdness of Frank Zappa and Mahavishnu Orchestra.

When I first realized I wanted to start a band, this is the blueprint I had in my mind. I wanted to play guitar in a group that embodied all of the things from the history of rock music that excited me. To accomplish this, I knew I was going to need a really special group of musicians, and I found just that in Anthony, David, and Terel. While their idea of the perfect rock band might not have matched mine verbatim, we all agreed that today’s rock music was missing…well, it’s hard to put a finger on it. What we did know is that we wanted to rock the shit out of our instruments while playing original songs that meant something to us.

We started writing the music on For the Price of One in May of 2014 and began recording in February of 2015. While living in the three Indiana cities of Fort Wayne, Marion and West Lafayette, the four of us made frequent trips to our makeshift “drum room” in Marion, spent restless nights perfecting takes on our own, and took every opportunity possible to coach each other through sessions. We became better musicians, engineers, and producers, and learned a lot about each other in the process. We mixed the album ourselves, and after a chance meeting with Trevor Clark, finally sent the tracks off for mastering.

Its 15th January 2016,  and we finally release our work to the public. Is the music diverse, energetic, heavy, complex, and weird? I have no idea. Check out the “Music” page on our site and listen for yourself. One thing’s for certain, and that’s the sense of accomplishment we feel after recording this album. We hope you like it and we hope it sets a precedent for the type of music we plan to create in the future.