For The Price of One Album Cover
Live from Lafayette Album Cover
  • Streaming


    • Features
      • Impress others with your unsurpassed knowledge of smart phone apps
      • The sound quality is superbly adequate
      • Rock out for free while taking away any hope of Three Cities ever attaining financial stability
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      • Spotify
      • YouTube
      • SoundCloud
      • Bandcamp
  • Digital Download


    • (Features)
      • Take control of your life by owning the music you listen to
      • Sound quality that totally murders free streaming
      • Help a bunch of starving artists afford themselves a decent meal like Arby’s or Taco Bell
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      • iTunes
      • Google Play
  • Physical CD


    • (Features)
      • Literally hold a piece of recorded music
      • The highest quality of them all (44.1/16 bitches)
      • Help the band afford an even better meal somewhere fancy like Applebee’s
    • Links
      • Bandcamp